Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Horse opportunities with Barshoe Wranglers 4H

Even if you don't have a horse, you can still learn a lot about them through 4H.

  • You can  start by signing up for the Horseless Horse project. Since 50% (or more) of being a horseman or horsewoman is knowing how to care for a horse, this is a good start.

  • You can come to our weekly horse work meetings which will be held either at the Moore Farm or at the Friendship Park Fairgrounds.  Kids bring their horses and practice grooming, saddling, bridling and groundwork. You can learn about the different kinds of tack, and horses. You can learn how to lead a horse and do showmanship. Keep this in mind--if you can't handle a horse on the ground, you won't be able to handle him when on his back. We can bring an extra horse for groundwork.
  • You can join a groom and clean team and compete at the county fair. If you win, you can go on to the state competition.
  • You can join the Horse Bowl and Horse Judging teams through 4H and compete on the state level to see how well your knowledge of horses stacks up.
  • You can attend horse camp in June in the unmounted division, and you can help manage the horse barn.
  • You  can attend the Horse Learning program that meets at the Harrison Community Hospital each month:

    Feb 28 Veterinarian Polly Modransky will discuss worming, vaccines, and when you need (or don't need) to call the vet.

    March 20 Farrier Levi Runnion will discuss corrective shoeing and hoof problems

    April 20 Discussion of judging, 4H and breed judges, and common rule violations

    May 22 Equine dentistry and bits.

    June 11-12 Nationally known trainer Terry Myers clinic (at Barrister Farm). Cost for this is $170. Fundraising--selling of plants and seeds--is available to help you defray costs.

  • If you are serious about horses, we can probably help you find one to lease, though you will be responsible to pay the board, shoeing and vet bills for the horse you are leasing.

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